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Washed by the Atmosphere (G2 - the first laundry machinery certified as ecological)

The concept of Sustainable Garment Washing an eco friendly approach to washing is being enhanced by the G2 Waterless Washing Machine.

How does G2 work?

The Air from the atmosphere is introduced into the G2 generator. This air is converted into Ozone gas that is moved inside the tumbler. The O3 washes the garment breaking the anchor of the fibre dyeing. The O3 is transformed back to air and released into the atmosphere

What kind of washing effects can it provide on the garments?
1. Vintage look on Non denims.
2. Shade band on Non Denims from a single shade.
3. Back staining is completely removed in Denims.
4. Crocking fastness is improved in dark colors.
5. Reduces the water consumption.
6. Yellowing of Denims greatly reduced.
7. Denims with Appliques can be washed.
8. Black and Grey denim fade down without turning brown.
9. Bleaching without Bleach.

This technology allows significant water and energy usage reduction. It also eliminates the need of toxic processes such as bleaching and permanganate usage.
By using the air from the atmosphere,G2 reproduces Ozone gas conditions to give garments the real look of outdoor usage. Reproducibility Reproduces same physical and chemical conditions wash after wash, thus standardizing all outcomes.

Washed by the nano bubble

Washed by Nano Bubbles

E Soft is a breakthrough Nano technology in Garment softening . Super soft touch feels can be achieved.

How does e Soft work?

The e-Flow technology, gets air from the atmosphere and transforms it into nanobubbles. Products and water then naturally distribute themselves forming the nanobubble skin, a perfectly homogeneous mix between water, products and air. The skin of the nano-bubbles is responsible of transporting the properties of the product to the garment are an optimal & efficient way. Functional elements are then carried on the nanobubble surface in an optimal & efficient way.

What kind of washing effects can it provide on the garments?

1. Unmatched superb touch feels can be achieved
2. Delicate Garments which could get damaged in the normal wash cycles, can be effectively softened via E Soft Technology.
3. The brightness and lustre will be enhanced.
4. Color loss will be zero