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Basic Washes

We carry out different washes based on customer requirements . We have listed some of the common washes

Garment Wash

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This fulfills the basic requirement of preshrinking the garment to arrest further shrinkage during home laundering.

Stone Wash

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Pronounced puckered effect on the seams, body breakage, vintage look preferably for heavier fabrics

Enzyme Wash

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Gives a puckered look on the seams, and enhances the brightness and body breakage.

Acid Wash

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Multiple levels washed down effects with grainy effect on the body and high contrast puckering effect on the seams for all types of dyed fabrics.

Rubber/Silicon Ball Wash

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Garments are washed with different kinds of Balls like Emery, Rubber, Plastic, and Silicone coated Balls to give myriad finishes

Perlite Wash

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Delicate lightweight garments which require the stone wash effect are washed with perlite powder in place of Pumice stones to avoid damage

Peach Wash

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Peaching or sueding is a mechanical finish done on fabrics, but the same effect can be replicated in the garment form by chemical treatments.

Silicon Softner

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To enhance the touch feel of the Garment.

Functional Finish

These type of washes impart a special function to the Garment

Antiviral Finish

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This finish gives antiviral characteristics to the garment and helps to combat many Virus strains including Covid 19.


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It imparts Antimicrobial Properties to the treated Garment which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and disease-causing germs.

Cool Finish

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This finish helps to keep fabrics cool up to 3°C when in contact with sweat or moisture.

Ultra Violet Protection

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Sunlight includes rays of invisible UV radiation and overexposure to UV radiation can lead to Sunburn, accelerated skin aging, and Skin cancer. Garments treated with this finish protect us from harmful radiation. UV protection is especially required for fair-skinned sun-sensitive people, Children, and People who spend more time in the sun.

Water & Oil Repellency

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water and Oil repellency happens when the surface tension of the solid surface is lower than that of oil & water. As such water and oil will enter the fabric surface as the surface tension of cotton is higher than that of Oil & water. When the fabric is treated with this finish the surface tension is lowered than that of the Liquids. Hence your garment becomes Water and Oil Repellent.

Moisture Management

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By this finish, the Garments especially that are worn next to the skin, transport the sweat from the body and evaporate it to the atmosphere in double quick time. So you feel the garments more dry, they don’t cling to your body. Also, you feel a lot cooler. This finish makes the fabric more breathable.

Correctional Finish

We can troubleshoot on different Garment parameters to make the garment sell

Backstain Removal

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Any kind of back staining on Denims, Indigos can be removed post-wash.

Color Fixing

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Fastness parameters like color fastness to washing, crocking, and light can be improved with this Wash.

Color Enhancing

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Dark Colors like blacks, Navies can be made deeper and brighter by this process.

Anti Seam Slippage

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In some garments, seams slip at the slightest force applied. This can be corrected by using a special auxiliary. In addition to preventing seam slippage, the strength is also increased by this treatment.

Anti Pilling

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This treatment reduces the forming of pills on fabrics and knitted products made from yarns with a synthetic fibre content, which is inclined to pilling by their considerable strength, flexibility, and resistance to impact. This finish is based on the use of chemical treatments which aim to suppress the ability of fibres to slacken and also reduce the mechanical resistance of the synthetic fibre.

Optical Brightener Wash

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This wash makes the whites brighter by absorbing invisible ultraviolet light and re-emitting it as visible light in the blue range of the spectrum


The depletion of natural resources is a huge concern affecting the lives of each and every one. We at Motherland are concerned and committed to do our little bit in bringing about a change in how we use the fast-depleting natural resources of our planet, especially water. We have taken help of the award-winning team from Jeanologia Corporative from Spain, whose tagline is 'The Science of Finishing' for sustainable technology in Garment Finishing & washing. Sustainability is the mantra of our times.


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